We offer a wide assortment of enamelled winding wires produced by leading producers. We can fulfil even most specialized technical and quality requirements. For many years, we supply both small repair facilities, as well as large manufacturers of engines and transformers.
Wires that we offer are certified to most markets worldwide, including the US market.

If you have any questions regarding our offer or you need our support or help, you’re welcome to contact us.

Basic types of wires:

DAMID 180 norm IEC60317-8Reeling wires of copper, round, enameled with polyesterimide lacquer, temperature class 180Wires of high thermal features and good chemical resistance; used for windings of engines, transmitters, transformers, electro-devices and in car industry
DAMID 200 norma IEC60317-13Reeling wires of copper, round, enameled with polyester lacquer, temperature class 200
DASOL 155 norm IEC60317-20Wires enameled with polyurethane lacquer, self-soldering, temperature class 155Soldering wires without removing insulation; used for transmitter windings, transformers, low power engines, ignition coils, telecommunication, measurement, radio, TV devices and apparatus. FLN wires recommended for use on fast-moving automatic reeling machines.
DASOL 180 norm IEC60317-51Wires enameled with polyurethane lacquer, self-soldering, temperature class 180
DAMIDSOL 180 norm IEC60317-23Polyesterimide lacquer, enamel wires, class temp. 180
DAMIDBOND 200 norm IEC60317-38Wires enameled with poliestroimide and amideimide lacquer, temperature class 200, with self-agglomerating coating.Wires of high elasticity and and mechanical resistance. Used for windings those are liable to suffer mechanical damages during their preparation and operation; used in oil transformers.